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Dress Code

Wa He Lut Indian School

recognizes and encourages students' self-expression while also implementing a dress code that follows health and safety standards in order to facilitate an effective learning environment.

Students violating the dress code will be given alternate clothing or a parent/guardian will be called to bring a change of clothes or to pick the student up. Repeated violations will result in disciplinary action.

The shaded portion of this figure represents front and back views. These parts of the body must be covered at all times, in all positions (sitting, standing, reaching, bending) while attending school.


K-8 students must remove all headwear while in the buildings.


Clothing must cover stomach, back, shoulders, chest, and undergarments


Shorts, skirts and dresses must be longer than mid-thigh. Undergarments must be covered at all times.


Footwear must be worn at all times appropriate to the activity. Strapless shoes and high heels are discouraged for safety reasons. “Heelies” and any other shoe with wheels are not permitted at school.

Other Guidelines


  • Headwear includes hats, hoods, bandanas, and headwraps. Exceptions will be made for medical, religious and other approved reasons.


  • Clothing that promotes drugs, alcohol, tobacco, violence, is sexually suggestive, or displays inappropriate pictures or writing is prohibited.


  • Any clothing worn in a manner identified as gang related is prohibited.


  • Jewelry that can pose safety hazards is prohibited.


  • Exceptions to the dress code standards may be made for PE or school activities.


  • Students should not paint, mark, or wear temporary tattoos on their face or neck.

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