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Usage and Checkout

1) Property of Wa He Lut Indian School. The Chromebooks are property of Wa He Lut Indian School. 2) Device use is intended for assigned student only. The Chromebooks are to be used exclusively by the student, and by responsible adults but only for the purpose of assisting the student with school assignments. They are to be used for educational purposes only. 3) Devices are managed by the school. The Chromebooks are monitored by school staff for compliance with these policies. 4) Take care of the device. Students are responsible for any damage that occurs to the computer when it is in his/her possession. Please, contact the school immediately if the device is lost, stolen or damaged. 5) Communicate responsibly. Students are restricted from using obscene, profane, lewd, vulgar, rude, threatening or disrespectful language while using the device. Harassment or cyberbullying of any kind is not tolerated. 6) Follow copyright laws, plagiarism laws and fair use guidelines. Students are not allowed to plagiarize works found on the internet. Copying and pasting work from the internet into your own work is a form of plagiarism. Do not use your device to store personal content or download information not related to academic assignments. 7) Avoid inappropriate content. Do not attempt to locate, view, share or store materials that are unacceptable in an academic setting. This includes, but is not limited to: pornographic, obscene,, graphically violent, or vulgar images or sounds, music, language, video or other materials. 8) No expectation of privacy. All electronic devices, communications, activities, and files created and/or accessed on school technology are not private and are subject to being viewed, monitored and/or archived by the school at any time. There is no reasonable expectation of privacy in connection with the use of the Chromebook. 9) Violation of policies can lead to loss of device. Violation of these policies may result in revocation of the Chromebook (which may negatively impact the ability of the students to complete school assignments).
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