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School Bus Driver

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Apr 12, 2024

Jul 1, 2024



Transportation Supervisor and Superintendent/Principal

2024 - 2025 school year, exact date TBD

Interviews for this position may be scheduled once a candidate completes an online application process or an in-person application.

job description
Operates school buses in all types of weather conditions including but not limited to fog, rain, hail, sleet and snow. Transport students and other authorized persons to and from school, field trips and extra-curricular trips as authorized by school district management. The district represents a predominantly Native American Community with a population of approximately 99% students with Native American backgrounds. We seek an individual who has successful experience in working with culturally diverse families and communities. The selected candidate must demonstrate a commitment to strengthening community engagement and communication with the district's Native American family members and populations.
duties and responsibilities
ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS Drive a school bus or other authorized vehicle on established routes and/or trips in support of district-approved activities, both in and out of school district boundaries. Perform pre-trip and post-trip duties as determined by district management. Assist Transportation Supervisor with repair, maintenance, service, inspection, and cleaning of all school buses and vehicles. Maintain current bus route information such as maps, run directions, student data, and other special instructions. Legible and accurate completion of forms, records, logs, and reports as required under district, state and federal guidelines. Ability to formulate and exercise successful student management procedures resulting in a safe, friendly, caring atmosphere. Ensure only authorized personnel board or ride in school buses and vehicles; report all acts of misconduct to the Transportation Supervisor. Follows / Observes all state, and federal requirements for the operation of school buses and vehicles; adheres to all applicable laws, traffic signs, rules of the road, and regulations both posted and not posted. Must be respectful, dependable, calm, firm, but not abusive. Must be alcohol free while on duty and refrain from the use of drugs and marijuana. Respond immediately to accidents, student emergencies, student illness or injuries. Perform basic first aid as appropriate and required. Be familiar with the use and care of fire extinguishers, warning devices, first aid, body fluid kits, and accident report forms. Perform emergency evacuation and earthquake drills as scheduled or directed. Ensures all students and passengers are seated; use of safety belts will be utilized if installed and as required by law. OTHER FUNCTIONS: Project a positive image by maintaining a suitable physical appearance, being courteous, and considerate of other motorists, and displaying acceptable language and personal habits. Accept responsibility for student development by being a positive role model. The ability to remain composed during an emergency situation and when dealing with student management and discipline. Sufficient strength and agility to assist ill or physically impaired students to enter or exit a school bus through the passenger service door. Ability to give, receive and follow written and oral instructions. Ability to work independently with minimum supervision, as a team member or under direct supervision. Ability to support and value the efforts of ongoing cultural community projects and events. Must model and maintain exemplary punctuality and attendance. Other duties as assigned.
other information
District bus/vehicle drivers are guaranteed to work 40 hours per week as per the contract. However, the hours may vary depending on dispatching. The District provides free CPR and First Aid training to all bus or district vehicle drivers. We do not provide CDL training. INDIAN PREFERENCE AS PER PL 93-638
job qualifications
PHYSICAL DEMANDS Steering, clutching, and braking a school bus requires being in strong physical condition. Requires driving long distances and sitting for prolonged periods. Exposed to high noise levels from engines and students. Exposed to road and traffic hazards. Required to service buses and to drive in inclement weather. MENTAL DEMANDS Requires substantial concentration in various road traffic, road weather conditions, alertness, and responsive skills despite distractions from traffic and students. Requires decisiveness and good judgment in emergencies; may occasionally deal with angry, distraught or difficult students or individuals.
minimum qualifications
Minimum 21 years old. High School diploma or equivalent. Minimum of two (2) years driving experience. Must adequately PASS a Washington State and FBI background check. Possess and maintain a valid Washington State driver’s license and CDL with appropriate endorsement(s). Possess a violation-free driving record as demonstrated on a five (5) year driving abstract. Obtain and maintain a current Washington State School Bus Driver Authorization. Yearly mandatory in-service will be provided by the district. A Current CPR and First Aid Certification will be provided by the district. Sufficient English written and oral communication skills to read and complete forms as required.
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